Update: 4/1/2017

I’ve restored the WordPress database and I’m currently working on a new theme for FlyFishLife.com. My hope is that it will be more simplistic and be a place for photos vs long fly fishing-related posts. Time to update these things right now is at a premium while I work on some other projects.

I am also working on restoring all the photos since some of the previous WP plugins had some fairly poor file structure from the looks of it.


Back to the Ark (November 2015)

Mid-week trip down to the Arkansas River.
Mid-week trip down to the Arkansas River.

Mid-week trips are some of the best, especially in the later part of the year when people are busy working and spending their off time getting ready for the holidays. This was a short day drip to get one of the dogs outside. It’s been tricky with the German Shorthaired Pointer being only eleven weeks old. The GSP is too young to be out running the water. Casper enjoyed the day though, showing it by sleeping the entire way home. As I wrote that I realized he also does that indoors quite a bit.

Casper hunting rodents.
Casper running through the brush, looking for rodents.

Fishing was decent and crowds were non-existent and the weather was warm for November.

The only downside was my photographer this trip… My dad is a retired IT guy who couldn’t find his way around a camera if his life depended on it. He missed a heck of a good shot of a 18″ rainbow I landed. I’m convinced GoPro’s are popular in fly fishing because of fishing partners over the age of sixty-five. It’s much easier to rely on yourself to get the good photos these days.